Green Construction


Green construction principles, for both commercial and residential building, focus primarily on energy and water conservation to minimize the impact the building will have on the environment and the pocket book of the owner.  Other aspects  of  green  building  methods  address  the  issues  of  indoor air  quality, utilizing

The industry now has what amounts to a “green building code”, backed by ANSI  and ICC, the two organizations that standardize products used in construction and have developed the building code that most of the United States now operates under, respectively.

Contact Conquest Contracting today to find out how your next building or remodeling project can be built green, saving you energy costs and providing a better quality of life for everyone that lives or works in your building.

products with low, to no, harmful vapors providing a more healthful environment for the inhabitants.  Other green concepts have to do with reducing the consumption of natural resources used in the construction.

Design for Green

The greening process begins during the design phase, building methods and materials are selected and built into the overall plan before the first nail is ever purchased.  Concepts that use less framing members and utilize recycled goods can be implemented to help reduce the impact on natural resources. 

Site planning, the placement of the structure on the building site, can make a sizable difference in the natural heating and cooling of the interior.  Passively utilizing the sun, shade, and wind, can save the building owner bundles of energy costs over the life of the building. Reduced energy consumption also reaps ecological benefits.

When designing your next project consider using alternative energy sources.  Free energy that produces no harmful emissions can be built into any new home or business.  Solar roof tiles or panels on

top of the roof can supply enough electricity to operate the entire building.  Wind power is another source of ecologically friendly electricity.

Remodel projects for existing structures bring new opportunities to enhance the energy efficiency of any home or business.  With government programs and tax credits that directly reduce up to thirty percent (30%) of the upgrade, the cost of switching to alternative energy is more affordable than ever.  Now the time it takes to recoup an investment in alternative energy equipment is greatly reduced.  For a copy of the American Wind Energy Association’s publication about available tax credits click here.

Conquest Contracting's builder, Ed Warmoth,  has been certified by the National Association of Home Builders as a Certified Green Building Professional, as part of the NAHB National Green Building Program.  Conquest Contracting now offers green building services for commercial and residential projects utilizing the NAHB Model Building Guidelines and the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard.

In 2007 the NAHB and the International Code Council (ICC) partnered to form to establish a much-needed and nationally-recognizable standard definition of what is meant by "Green Building."

The standard was developed in compliance with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The resulting ANSI approved ICC-700-2008 National Green Building Standard defines green building for single and multifamily homes, residential remodeling projects and site development projects while still allowing for the flexibility required for regionally-appropriate best green practices.

The ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard was approved by ANSI January 29, 2009, solidifying the NAHB Green Building Program as THE national standard for residential green building.

To download the 169-page NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines book click the image above.


Whether you are seeking to build a new building, add on to an existing structure, or simply trying to save on energy costs, Conquest Contracting can help you with the entire process. With more than forty years of experience under his belt, builder Ed Warmoth has seen the fads and trends come and go, green construction is here to stay. For many years customers (and tradesmen) did not understand the benefits of going green, and the costs were prohibitive in many cases. Now, the industry has caught up with the green building movement, new affordable environmentally safe and energy saving products are emerging on the market every day.

“Greenovation” is a newly coined term, referring to renovating with green products and methods to provide a more healthy environment with a higher level of comfort while conserving energy, thereby, saving dollars every month. Conquest Contracting encourages all our clients to not just renovate, rather, green-ovate and save for the years to come.